Common types of cosmetic surgery

Nowadays people are comparatively more conscious regarding their appearance whether it is about their body or facial features. Like some people are not satisfied with the breast size, some wants to get rid of their fat tummy, some want to make their lips look fuller and some are looking for the good facelift options. To resolve all these issues, different cosmetologists or clinics like Hollywood smile clinic are quite popular in Dubai.

In this article we will specifically talk about cosmetic surgery which is highly demanding especially in the media industry. The celebrities you see on television or magazines have actually gone through various cosmetic surgeries to look this much pretty and perfect. So there is nothing to feel bad about if you are not having the same flawless features, all you have to do is book an appointment for the most professional cosmetic surgeon and there you go. Well, in the following article you will get to know about some common types of cosmetic surgeries so keep on reading.


Most of the people are suffering from wrinkles, drooping, loose or sagging skin and whatnot. This is quite common with the increasing age because of the natural process of aging. Although you can not completely prevent your skin from aging but still you have an amazing option to get rid of it through a process of facelift in which all your loose skin is tighten up. This is one of the most common type of cosmetic surgery which is highly demanding and is preferred by a lot of people.

Lip augmentation

Another very common type of cosmetic surgery is lip augmentation. This is an ideal option for the people having thin lips as through this process the lips look naturally fuller for a long period of time. For this purpose lip fillers is the best choice because it is the most safest option with minimal side effects. Secondly lip fillers are easily customized as according to your need and choice.


Cosmetic surgeries are not only limited to your facial features in fact it also play a vey important role in getting a perfect body shape. In this genre, liposuction is one of the most demanding treatment in which excessive fat of the body is being removed. This procedure can be performed easily on any part of the body like arms, thighs, buttocks and stomach etc. In this way you can easily get your desirable body shape without following strict diet for a long period of time.