How to migrate from UAE stress free

Have you decided that you will finally be leaving UAE for good and travel to some other place permanently? You have your visa, passport and tickets in hand and a list of stressful incomplete things which needs to be taken care of. But you are also scared about leaving anything important from the list which will trouble you in future. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we understand that best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai may have lifted most of your load of visa and application but they can’t help you with the whole moving checklist. Here we have some very important things that you need to make sure you take care of before heading off to the land of beaches.

  • Take care of your lease

Please don’t forget to take care of your lease if you rent a house in UAE. It is never a good idea to disappear out of the view just like that. Always consult your real estate agency and check in with them if you are able to break your lease earlier than the contract states and which rules and regulations will be applicable. This is a very confusing task but a real estate agency can guide you through it. Or if you have enough time you will have to make sure that you inform your landlord so they are well aware of the house.

  • Take care of utility account

Now if you are not a tenant and you own your house then there are two main options that you can opt for. The first one is to simply sell the house and the second one is to leave it in there. We won’t suggest renting it out when you will be living overseas for a good couple of years and don’t have anyone to take care of the house after you. If you wish to leave your house intact you will have to make sure that you cut off all the utility lines such as water, electricity and gas sometimes. Contact the authorities and see what the process.

Just remember not to leave things unplanned and for last moment because that is when most of the things mess up and you forget.

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