What is needed to teach students of today’s world?

The world is changing and so we are changing and our needs are changing. That’s why there is need to make our schools different and bring some change in our classrooms and curriculums. We need to change our syllabus and classes as well. Besides having classes of maths and English, there is needs to have following classes too!

  1. Digital literacy: Computers and gadgets are needed the most. Therefore, digital literacy will be the mother of every kind of literacy soon because of increasing need of technology and gadgets. That is why it is very important to have a class of digital literacy every week for an hour in which students are taught that how they can use social media or what kind of posts they should post on Facebook and Twitter to keep them from bullying. They should be taught ethics and given tips to keep from cyber harassment, cyber bullying and crime. They should be told about good sites and bad sites so that they could keep themselves and find themselves secure.
  2. Social issues: There is need to have classes on social issues in which the class can have discussions and students should be given platform to take out solutions to reduce harassment, robbery, stealing, injustice, employment issues and sharing of wealth. These discussions will make them problem solvers and make them aware about their environment. This awareness will make them confident and let them different mechanisms to learn to make this world a heaven.
  3. Environmental science: As the days are passing, the world is turning into a brown place because of increase of industrialization and factorization that results in loss of plants and trees. This loss from large areas of land can be compensated if homes and schools will grow trees and plants in their specified area. Besides this, the compensation is possible if students are taught that how they can grow both natural and artificial things together in a one place. There is need to have classes of planting and environmental sciences in which they are taught about environment and importance of plants and greenery. There are so many metal fabrication companies in UAE. Teacher of dubai can take them for visit there and give them platform to view its uses and disadvantages in surroundings.

So, these are few subjects which are needed to teach to students of 2020s because the world is changing and needs are changing, ultimately.