5 Tips On Onboarding New Supervisors & Team Leaders

Supervisors and team leaders play an important role in the business. They are considered as the point of contact of the upper management and the employees. They are the ones in-charge of the production and lead the team to achieve business targets and goals.

This is why it is important for company managers and human resource to acquaint incoming supervisors and team leaders. Here are some things that you need to do when you are onboarding a new supervisors or team leaders:

  1. Relay the company’s objectives and core values

If the employee is new to the team, they probably don’t have any idea about the company core values and objectives. On their first day, be sure to sit down with your new supervisor and present your company core values and objectives. It is important for new employees to be acquainted on what values that company stands for. Although they may have the skills to do the work, they should have the right attitude to accomplish it. The company’s core values will serve as an attitude guidelines that they need to follow.

  • Walk them through the business process

From promoted employees, there is a little need to go in-depth with the systems and processes, but for new supervisors, knowing how the business works will enable them to be adept on their work. Since they will be the ones handling the production and the team, you need to orient them about the operations – from start to completion. Be sure to provide the new team leaders with an operational manual that they can use as reference.

  • Enroll them to a project management course

At one point, supervisors and team leaders will be tasked to handle a specific project or even start their own. They need to be equipped with the right skills in order for them to handle a project with less bumps and mistakes. Enrolling them to a PMP course in Abu Dhabi would help them learn the fundamentals of project management.

  • Introduce them to their team

Being new to the team, there will be awkward moments and silences. Try to break the ice by scheduling a meet and greet day for new employees. This activity will enable current team members to know their new team leaders and vice versa.

  • Shadow them for a week

When your new supervisor starts their work, do not expect that they will get everything immediately. To guide them properly, allot a week to guide them by shadowing them. You will be there to check whether they are following instructions well and to know whether they are fully assimilated with their new work.

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